Karmaloop Review

Karmaloop was started by Greg Selkoe and his rebel friends in a small basement in Boston. Greg didn’t want to start just another online business but instead  a new lifestyle brand with a dedicated community around it. The rebels who formed Karmaloop managed to fight their way through the highly competitive fashion industry and establish a brand with strong followers that live the culture.

Today, Karmaloop has offices in Boston, NY and LA and sell over 300 clothing brands for men and females. Karmaloop support many upcoming brands, music and art through Karmaloop contest, Karmaloop blogs and Karmaloop TV.

The major success Karmaloop has experienced seem to derive from the large amount of satisfied customers. I have personally been a loyal customer at Karmaloop for over a year now and had no problems with the site. Short delivery times and  well designed products to affordable prices has made me a loyal customer of the brand.

However, dont take my word for it. Instead, checkout the 1,309 reviews and see for yourself why all the hipsters and other trendy people seem to love this brand.




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