Top 3 Hipster Glasses – The Original Look

Hipster Glasses

Hipster glasses has been an ongoing trend since the beginning of 2011. Hipsters from L.A and New York is said to have started the trend by wearing nerdy sunglasses that they bought from the local thrift store. The trend of wearing hipster glasses later spread to Europe after several Hollywood celebrities in U.S showed up on TV and in Magazines wearing the nerdy looking glasses. London was one of the first cities in Europe where you could see people wearing shutter shades and other oversized plastic framed glasses. Today it seems like many different kind of peoples are adopting the style.

There are many brands selling hipster designed eye wear. For those who are looking to buy hipster glasses, remember to check the quality of the glasses you are interested in buying. Many hipster glasses are made of plastic and can easily brake even after just a few hours in the sun. It is also important to consider the quality of the glass. If you decide to buy cheaper glasses make sure to bring a case for storing when not in use. This will protect the glass from scratches and make them last longer. Overall, the more you pay the better the quality. Here are a few hipster glasses we have tried and can recommend to our visitors. All of them can be purchased from Karmaloop which supplies many of the newest and upcoming brands. Also check out American Apparel if you want some more commercial looking hipster glasses.  Here are our top 3 choices of hipster eyewear for 2012.

1. 9Five Eyewear
The Watson Pro-Model Sunglasses in Black with Clear Lenses,

Price: $64

2. Mosley Tribes
The Hayes Sunglasses in Black,

Price: $121.95

3. Replay Vintage Sunglasses
The Revo Wayfarer Sunglasses in Black and Gold

Price: $16

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You can find some more popular hipster glasses here

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