Vintage Clothes

Vintage clothing is primarily clothes that originated in another era of fashion or dress. Wearing vintage clothes has become a huge trend, mainly due to the celebrity exposure and fashion craze on the red carpet. Vintage clothes lend a romantic and timeless feel to your style of fashion, but due to the sudden popularity they can also be extremely expensive unless you are incredibly knowledgeable in how to shop second hand stores for quality vintage pieces.

Technically, the term vintage itself can imply any style of clothing from a previous decade or trend. However, the majority of fashionistas use the term to describe clothing that harkens back to the 1920s-1940s, and then of course the iconic vintage hippie clothes.


Vintage style clothes can be purchased at nearly any clothing retail chain, following the newest trends in this fashion craze. These clothes add an other-timely feel to a person’s style, but is done so with new clothes freshly made, and usually for a cheaper price. These vintage inspired clothes are not quite the same thing as the genuine article, but is certainly more easily accessible.


For the fashion star who wants to wear authentic vintage clothes, a little research is in order. You can scan the internet for particular fashion statements that were trendy during a specific era in history, and then begin searching for a similar piece. Vintage clothing retailers exist, and they eliminate the advanced scouring required when looking on your own. The downside to these merchants is always the hefty price tag.


If you are an experienced shopper of vintage clothes, you may find the fun in searching for a unique piece on your own, and the challenges involved. Some of the best places to find authentic pieces is simply at a thrift store or used clothing outlet. Places that accept general donations of items (like the Goodwill) often have racks and racks of old clothes that would be considered vintage. However you score these beautiful pieces, adding vintage flair to your wardrobe brings instant chic and glam to your fashion tastes, and makes an incredible lasting impression.


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